Welcome to thesanjuanislands.net! Here you will find information on San Juan County as well as the four ferry-served islands. Check back for updates as we are constantly keeping up with current businesses and activities. If you would like more information on specific islands, look below!

On Orcas Island, the largest island of the four ferry-served San Juan Islands, you will find beautiful hiking locations, delicious local eats, and several off the beaten path communities with hidden treasures of their own.

San Juan Island, the second largest of the San Juan islands is home to the historic Roche Harbor Resort, rolling farmland, and numerous state and county parks

Lopez Island, one of the smaller and more relaxed islands is full of beautiful scenery, and people driving by will ALWAYS wave at you. Just wave back.

Shaw Island, the smallest ferry-served gem, is located in the heart of the of the San Juans.  Only about 7.5 square miles, Shaw has a very intimate feeling of community where everyone knows everyone. There is a charming general store, open seasonally, a beautiful county park, and one darling waterfront vacation rental.